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30 Standard Website Functions

performed by every site developed at Montana Technical Solutions:
  1. Backup and recovery => automatic with MTS hosting
  2. Software upgrade and maintenance => automatic with MTS hosting
  3. Creation of Effective Site Content
  4. Curation of Site Content
  5. Website Design and Associated Code Management
  6. Website Operation and Associated Code Management
  7. Users as Strategic Asset – User Administration
  8. Users as Strategic Asset – User Engagement
  9. Users as Strategic Asset – User Interface/User Experience
  10. Users as Strategic Asset – Customers/Clients/Prospects/Browsers – CRM
  11. Users as Strategic Asset – Customers/Clients/Prospects/Browsers – Contact Mgmt
  12. Users as Strategic Asset – The Sales and Marketing Aspect
  13. Website Data and Associated Code Management
  14. Analytics Tools (and how to use them)-
  15. Search Engine Optimization/ keyword research
  16. Marketing/promotion of site in traditional media
  17. Monetization – all MTS sites support all popular online advertising platforms
  18. Monetization – all MTS site are  eCommerce-ready
  19. Mobile Device Responsiveness
  20. Social media – we can programmatically push content from your site to social media
  21. Content Support Technologies => multi-media support built in
  22. Site Optimization automatic with MTS hosting
  23. Security – automatic with MTS hosting
  24. Site Hosting – the best in the world
  25. Your Domain – domain management not domain domination => YOU own and control your domain. We manage it on your behalf
  26. Remote admin and monitoring – ongoing
  27. Marketing/promotion – non traditional media as well as traditional media
  28. Link technology Management
  29. Your own domain, content, and presentation – own your investment. Monetization – additional ways to do business with your customers and clients
  30. Routine Site Administration – broken links, missing pages, near misses, etc.


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