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The Four Categories of Website Functionality

At MTS we categorize all the functions a website can perform for your business into four functional categories:

  • Assurance
  • Monetization ($)
  • User Experience (UX) (Welcome)
  • Eta => return on investment/efficiency


  1. Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Kalispell Website Monetization FunctionalityMonetization.  There are two main ways in which websites are ordinarily monetized – direct collection of revenue via payment systems and/or eCommerce, and indirect monetization via paid advertising.  MTS can help you with either or both.

Functions by category


Monetization – online advertising.  Become a participant in online digital marketing platforms and generate passive revenue from your website traffic.  Pre-requisites:  1) Sufficient website traffic.  The actual amount of traffic required will vary, but sites with less than a few thousand visitors per month generally need not apply.  However, for those who are committed to learning how to acquire site traffic, who are willing to commit to a daily time investment, and have a specific area of expertise, there is always opportunity to generate passive ad revenue.  Contact MTS for more information and assistance.  2)  Membership in digital marketing platform(s) 3) Website integration.

Monetization – eCommerce.  almost $2 trillion worth of transactions are now conducted online each year.  Even relatively small enterprises can benefit from adding eCommerce functionality to their website.  The cost of implementation can be easily made up through reduced receivables, growth in revenue, and added revenue streams.  Ask us how we can help!