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Kalispell Website Design Services

Kalispell Website Design Services

What is Website Design?

Website design is no different from any other design discipline.  It exists to define a finished product, as well as the process by which that finished product is created, delivered, installed, maintained, repaired, and even decommissioned.  Design is a comprehensive discipline, and involves up-front costs, often substantial.  If the design process is successful, these costs represent an investment with a positive return, in other words good design pays for itself.  The implication is that poor design is costly.

The key for the client then, is a successful design process which will ultimately pay for itself.  The difficulty in Website Design, as with software in general is how do we define a product that by its nature is nearly infinitely flexible and where the cost of real-time design modifications appear to be very low?

The answer is simple: knowledge of how to leverage the flexibility while avoiding the hidden costs.  Simple in theory, difficult in practice.  Naturally, the hidden costs don’t announce themselves the moment you implement a change in the code.However, there are tools and techniques that can assist and your developer should be using them.


MTS Kalispell Website Hosting Advantages

Montana Technical Solutions Kalispell Website Design and Development Services

offers only one website  hosting option.  We do not work or consult on any websites which are hosted elsewhere.  There are several very persuasive reasons why this is so:

  1. Backup => reliable, ongoing backups are critical to any website which updates its content regularly and has more than a few visitors.  Our hosting platform automates both scheduled and on-demand backups for both our ‘live’ and our ‘in-process’ websites.  This save our clients the worry of any possibility of lost data, and saves our developers hours of precious development time.  Time which can be spent improving our Clients’ websites.
  2. Availability => Our clients’ websites are available more than 99.9% of the time, and are always complete and up-to-date when they load for a visitor.
  3. Security => Our sites are already very secure, thanks to our 24/7/365 monitoring activity in place to proactively and pre-emptively deter and/or intercept attacks and intrusions.  In the next few weeks we will be implementing,
  4. Confidentiality =>  Our websites and their confidential data are stored independently of large data aggregators such as Google, etc., who reserve the right to examine any and all of your stored data, at will, with the explicit intention to use what you store with them for commercial purposes.
  5. Optimization => We are experts on WordPress website performance and optimization and employ a world wide system of CDNs (content distribution networks) as well as aggressive caching to ensure our websites load as fast as possible.   This is critical to SEO and to retaining site visitors. Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Kalispell
  6. Maintenance =>  Websites require maintenance. Where possible, this maintenance is delegated programmatically to our web hosting service.  Again, our clients benefit through faster, more reliable websites, more secure websites and our developers benefit through time savings.
  7. Reliability =>  Website hosting is often taken for granted and regarded as a commodity.  However, the reality is that all website hosting services are certainly not equal.  Mistakes and errors happen and when they do, your website may not work properly.  Your website developer may end up spending hours troubleshooting website issues, only to discover the problem lies on the hosting side of things.  Development time is much too valuable to spend troubleshooting somebody else’s problems.

Bad Hosting Service, Bad!

Fortunately, or otherwise, I’ve hosted websites with numerous services over the years (almost a dozen, at last count), and unfortunately, I have spent more hours than I care to count, troubleshooting website issues that turned out to originate with the hosting service.  This may happen occasionally (although I have not experienced it with our current hosting platform), and sometimes we have to simply accept that people make mistakes.

Good Hosting Service, you go!

Montana Technical Solutions Website Development and Maintenance in Kalispell MTHowever, our job as IT consultants is to develop strategies to defend against these situations.  Our strategy is simple.  Our hosting platform is dedicated to WordPress hosting exclusively, and ONLY WordPress hosting.  There are no other products in the mix and  we live and die by our WordPress Hosting product.  No distractions, no compromises, no alternative but to be successful at WordPress hosting.  In a nutshell, our strategy is that this Hosting service must be 100%  successful because the alternative is liquidation.  To date, this strategy has served us very well.  Each of the aspects of Website Hosting listed above has performed in exemplary fashion since we launched our first sites in January 2017.


Kalispell MTS Offers eCommerce Websites

Our eCommerce website has been in place for several months now.  For a modest investment of time and money, we added an entire storefront, and we can do the same for you.  Let us show you how!

eCommerce Functionality

Obviously, your MTS Kalispell eCommerce online storefront will allow you to generate revenue through online sales of your products and services.  But don’t forget all the other potential benefits that an eCommerce website from MTS can provide:  inventory management and control, financial report generation, POS support, Invoice  and Work Order, targeted marketing, email list generation and  management, CRM tools.  All this functionality and more can be incorporated into your eCommerce website, and at a surprisingly modest cost!

Use the contact form below to get in touch and request more information:

MTS Website Intranet Applications

Is Your Website Doing All It Can For You?

Most people think of a website as public-facing only.  Visitors browse and interact for information and/or eCommerce, possibly entertainment.  Few think of the potential a website offers for back-end functionality.  At MTS, we believe this is a huge missed opportunity.  We are currently integrating our website and POS/inventory systems, solving numerous problems with existing infrastructure and with almost no extra cost beyond our own time to make everything work.   The cost of our website is already factored in.  All additional functionality is a bonus, and when you are able to solve other business problems, without a significant additional investment, the website ROI starts to look very, very good indeed.

Power to the Intranet

Naturally, most eCommerce websites support inventory management and other internal functions, but we ask why that should be limited to eCommerce enterprises?  When the software tools available for website eCommerce are so powerful, affordable, and ubiquitous, why not put them to work for your business, regardless of your size and enterprise type.  Talk to us today, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the power, ease of use, and affordability of back-end website software and the intranet infrastructure it can support.


Kalispell Website Design and Development Services

Kalispell Website Design and Development Services

Montana Technical Solutions Kalispell Website Design and DevelopmentWe are pleased and excited to announce the launch of Kalispell Website Design and Devlopment Services for our valued clients in Kalispell and throughout Montana!
Our websites offer a great combination of effectiveness and value. We have invested in the development of our own custom website theme which forms the basis of our clients’ sites. Take advantage of this valuable head start on your business site.


All of our custom websites come with a powerful set of built-in functions.  In upcoming posts we will highlight all of the functions and how we put them to work for you!

SEO and Social Media

A modern website from Montana Technical Solutions offers powerful SEO advantages for our clients, with an emphasis on local search results.  We don’t stop there – our websites are designed to interact powerfully with today’s social media platforms, even offering clients the ability to post to their website and have their posts forwarded automatically to their social media platform(s).  This is a powerful tool that allows your social media accounts to stay fresh  while at the same time maintaining your website’s visibility to search engines.

Low Maintenance

If the ongoing costs of website ownership and operation  are a concern, you’ll be pleased to know that MTS is committed to controlling your TCO (total cost of ownership).  Cheaper hosting plans exist, to be sure, but when you factor in everything that is included in our hosting services (backup, recovery, security, optimization, high total availability, portability, compatibility, etc.), you’ll not find a better value anywhere.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you leverage your website to improve your business!

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