When your computer or internet devices are down, you are losing money. Have our experienced computer technicians get you up fast. We offer after hours repairs, and carry many of the needed replacement parts to get you up fast.

Spilled Coffee
Computer, Laptop, and Tablet Repairs

Repairs are done right and affordably. 24 Hour Computer repair services available. Let our technicians get you up and running fast!

Guy Detected a Virus on his Computer
Virus Removal & Data Recovery

"Do I have a virus?!?! Let us help determine if you have a virus, remove it, recover your files, and help prevent this in your future.

Hardware Dismantle
My Device

Sometimes all you need to really speed up your computer is a simple upgrade.
Let MTS help you choose the necessary upgrades to your computer or device.

Home NetworkAt Home service

Tech help when you need it! We offer remote help as well as house calls. Whether you need help optimizing your home network, installing a new computer or device, or want us to ensure the security of your home network, let our experienced and reliable technicians do the job right.