The need among small businesses for data preservation/backup/restore services is so great we have decided to offer a brief 2 hour seminar covering the basics of Data Preservation/Business Continuity from the point of view of a small business with limited resources.  You know who you are:  You rely heavily on your computerized infrastructure for your day-to-day business needs but you don’t have the budget or the expertise to deal with business distruption caused by data loss or hardware failure.

that’s where MTS can help.  Attend our 2 hour ‘Data Preservation/Business Continuity’ seminar as we cover actual small business case studies and best practices that you can implement immediately!


As mentioned here, the two most common issues we deal with at MTS are intrusion (i.e. viruses/malware) and data loss.  Interestingly, the majority of clients we help have their data backed up!    Time and again, we encounter situations where, in spite of some form of preparation being in place, when the inevitable hardware failure occurs, significant and expensive disruption follows.

What Went Wrong?

Join us for our Data Preservation/Business Continuity seminar to find out what did go wrong and how you can be prepared to minimize the cost, distress, and business disruption of inevitable hardware failures.