More Than Just Backup

Our Data Preservation Services are fully-thought-out services meeting the needs of a range of clients from sole proprietors all the way to enterprise-level organizations.  As the name implies, Data Preservation Services are concerned with more than the mere act of copying data from point-of-use to a separate point-of-storage.  Our day-to-day experience suggests that the majority of organizations that experience substantial data loss (and accompanying business interruption), actually have some form of data backup!

So where’s the problem?  The devil is in the details, the saying goes, and that is certainly true when it comes to the art of Data Preservation and Business Continuity.  Fortunately, MTS takes care of the devilish details for you, offering surprisingly affordable protection across our range of Data Preservation Services.  So whether you are a one-person professional shop or a large-scale, multi-site organization, MTS can meet your Data Preservation needs.

The Hidden Savings Are Real

Just ask a small business person who has recently lost many hours of work, incurred hundreds or thousands of dollars in unplanned expenditures, and lost that much or more revenue due to business disruption, and you’ll be left with no doubt that your investment in Data Preservation Services with MTS will be amply returned in the form of hidden savings.  Make no mistake – your storage media WILL FAIL.  The decision is this: invest modestly now to save greatly later.

How Good is Your Protection?

We don’t encourage anyone to mess with their IT infrastructure, but contemplating such a thing can be a constructive thought experiment.  This one is easy:  You’ve lost a crazy bet and must immediately and without warning, ‘pull the plug’ on your IT infrastructure.  With a little effort, you can discern your emotional state shortly afterward.  No one is going to feel particularly comfortable at that moment, but we can all differentiate between normal anxiety and a profound sense of dread.  If this thought experiment leads to the latter, maybe you should contact us.  Today.