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The Four Categories of Website Functionality

At MTS we categorize all the functions a website can perform for your business into four functional categories:

  • Assurance
  • Monetization ($)
  • User Experience (UX) (Welcome)
  • Eta => return on investment/efficiency


The Four Organic Categories

  1. Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Kaliispell Website Assurance FunctionalityAssurance – a broad category encompassing security, risk mitigation, data preservation (backup, recovery), website operational quality, reliability and availability metrics, terms and conditions of use, guaranty/warranty functions, liability, disclaimers, and waivers., etc.  In short, your website should be a valuable business asset for the entire organization, if used strategically, for example, as one element of risk mitigation.  Policies, procedures, legal forms can be made available on the website for public and/or private review, announcements can be made, press releases posted, archives stored, etc.  This can be a valuable way to re-iterate significant corporate policies and positions, in support of compliance efforts, and legal requirements.  Your corporate website can also act as a data repository if need be and can be exceptionally secure if it is properly setup and operated.  Throughout our website, Assurance functions are identified with the certificate image.
  2. Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Kalispell Website Monetization FunctionalityMonetization.  There are two main ways in which websites are ordinarily monetized – direct collection of revenue via payment systems and/or eCommerce, and indirect monetization via paid advertising.  MTS can help you with either or both.
  3.   The User Experience.  We classify the User Experience as its own set of functions and its own major aspect of website design and development.  It is extremely important that a website be user-friendly.  The obviousness of this statement shouldn’t allow it to be exempt from deeper examination.  The ultimate success or failure of a website, depends largely upon how well the user experience is managed.  Poor user experience undermines virtually all of the other functional areas.  Weak monetization is often a result of a poor user experience and dramatic results may arise from subtle user experience improvements.  The same can be true of all forms of critical user engagement, such as prospecting functionality, where we desire to have site visitors engage in surveys, subscribe to updates, etc.
  4. Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Kalispell eta – an efficiency metric, eta is representative of the return on the time and money invested in your website.  There are numerous functions in this category and each one has its own measurement – site optimization is measured by average load time, site engagement may be measured by bounce rate, goals achieved, etc., quality of site content can be measured by analytics tools such as time spent on a given page.  Our 30 functions checklist below, is a valuable tool when it comes to measuring site effectiveness, as it can easily be used to identify and apply appropriate metrics, which in turn can be used to improve site performance.


We identify at least 30 functions your website should be performing on an ongoing basis and categorize each of them.  This is helpful tool both to assess if your website is doing everything it can for your business and to assist in prioritizing web development activities.

Functions by category


Analytics Tools (and how to use them)

Search Engine Optimization

Social media

Effective Site Content at Creation

Effective Site Content – Ongoing

Users as Strategic Asset – User Engagement

Users as Strategic Asset – User Interface/User Experience

Users as Strategic Asset – Customers/Clients/Prospects/Browsers – CRM

Users as Strategic Asset – Customers/Clients/Prospects/Browsers – Contact Mgmt

Users as Strategic Asset – The Sales and Marketing Aspect


Backup and recovery

Software upgrade and maintenance

Website Design and Associated Code Management

Website Operation and Associated Code Management

Users as Strategic Asset – User Administration

Website Data and Associated Code Management

Routine Site Administration  – broken links, missing pages, near misses, etc.



Monetization – online advertising

Monetization – ecommerce



Terms of Use

Privacy Policy


Patent, Trademark, Copyright

Confidentiality and Security support functions

User Experience

Responsive Design i.e. Mobile Device Support

Marketing/promotion of site in traditional media

Content Support Technologies

Site Optimization

Your Domain

Remote admin and monitoring

Link technology Management

Routine Site Administration  – broken links, missing pages, near misses, etc.

How well does your site:

recruit and retain customers/clients?

Respond to duress – , deliver ROI through efficient operation,

incorporate new technologies and keep from becoming obsolete? Html5, responsive design

Serve as a tool to minimize your liability?

Generate direct revenue?  online payments, ad revenues, eCommerce

Generate leads?

Inform the general public about your organization and/or answer FAQs? (butler functions)

Re-purpose your valuable content?

Perform Butler functions – FAQs, directions, numbers, how-to’s, hours of operation, mailing address, contact us – email, topical stuff

Discourage theft

Encourage  data security and privacy

Assist with marketing – prospect list, google ad words, social media, website


Value of your own domain/site:

REPUTATION – if you are not combating the aggregators then your message is not getting out, what about the inconvenience to potential customers/clients, where are the aggregators getting their information

When you don’t show up on the search engine with your own site, it opens the doors to your competition

You are at the mercy of aggregators and other like sites and search engines

Example:  Results Canada Consulting ltd – google returns WCC website – a direct competitor and Results CC doesn’t show up AT ALL