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Welcome to our Kalispell Computer Repair Services Page summary of computer repair services we offer at our Kalispell location:

A Word of Advice:  The two most common repair issues we see on a daily basis are data loss and malware/virus attacks.  Fortunately, these two serious problems can be addressed proactively:

  1. Data loss.  YOUR STORAGE MEDIA WILL FAIL.  Please take this truism to heart and plan ahead of time to preserve your data.  There is no storage media which will not eventually fail.  Unfortunately, today’s consumer grade external hard drives which many of us depend on are particularly prone to early and unpredictable failure.  Your defense however, need not be complex, expensive, or time consuming.  The cost of an additional quality external drive is less than $100, the software most of us require to implement a simple backup procedure is free from MTS, and the time required is an initial 2-3 hours plus a few minutes every day.  This is a very inexpensive price to pay to save your data (i.e. family photos and videos,etc.).  Contact your experts at MTS for assistance in preserving your data BEFORE you are faced with a potentially expensive data recovery mission.
  2. Virus/malware attacks.  Also a daily occurrence.  Again, the preventative measures are inexpensive in terms of both time and money.  As exclusive ESET NOD32 resellers in Montana, MTS naturally endorses the ESET product as your number 1 defense against these attacks.  $40 will get you the product and we will install and configure it on your system for no additional charge.  That’s it.  Enjoy the best security protection money can buy for $40 plus a few minutes of your time spent at our location.  Again, this could save you tremendous grief.  Remember: THERE IS NO KNOWN WAY TO RECOVER DATA AFTER CERTAIN CRYPTO-LOCKER ATTACKS.  Read more about Data Preservation.

At MTS we hate to tell people bad news – ‘your data is gone and can’t be recovered’.  We would much rather spend a few minutes with you now, helping you defend against these catastrophes than meet you after the fact, when all we can do is apply the best techniques we know and hope we can help, but even our best efforts do not always result in retrieving your data.   Drop in to our location today and help us to help you!

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