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The Four Categories of Website Functionality

At MTS we categorize all the functions a website can perform for your business into four functional categories:

  • Assurance
  • Monetization ($)
  • User Experience (UX) (Welcome)
  • Eta => return on investment/efficiency

User Experience

The User Experience.  We classify the User Experience as its own set of functions and its own major aspect of website design and development.  It is extremely important that a website be user-friendly.  The obviousness of this statement shouldn’t allow it to be exempt from deeper examination.  The ultimate success or failure of a website, depends largely upon how well the user experience is managed.  Poor user experience undermines virtually all of the other functional areas.  Weak monetization is often a result of a poor user experience and dramatic results may arise from subtle user experience improvements.  The same can be true of all forms of critical user engagement, such as prospecting functionality, where we desire to have site visitors engage in surveys, subscribe to updates, etc.