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Kalispell Website Design Services

What is Website Design?

Website design is no different from any other design discipline.  It exists to define a finished product, as well as the process by which that finished product is created, delivered, installed, maintained, repaired, and even decommissioned.  Design is a comprehensive discipline, and involves up-front costs, often substantial.  If the design process is successful, these costs represent an investment with a positive return, in other words good design pays for itself.  The implication is that poor design is costly.

The key for the client then, is a successful design process which will ultimately pay for itself.  The difficulty in Website Design, as with software in general is how do we define a product that by its nature is nearly infinitely flexible and where the cost of real-time design modifications appear to be very low?

The answer is simple: knowledge of how to leverage the flexibility while avoiding the hidden costs.  Simple in theory, difficult in practice.  Naturally, the hidden costs don’t announce themselves the moment you implement a change in the code.However, there are tools and techniques that can assist and your developer should be using them.