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MTS Case Study – Dell SonicWall

MTS uses Dell SonicWall TechnologyMTS uses Dell SonicWall to support a complex VPN installation across a large rural corporate campus

MTS recently assumed responsibility as IT/Network Services Provider for a large corporate customer in rural Montana.  (MTS Case Study – Dell SonicWall)- Our corporate client occupies a campus of over 500 acres with several outlying installations throughout, in addition to the central facility.  The existing WAN architecture relied heavily on a single firewall server, which had proven unreliable, resulting in unacceptable service disruptions. Adding to the complexity of the situation was the absence of corporate-owned infrastructure between campus facilities, meaning all data connections between campus facilities had to be routed onto the public internet.  This included the distributed VOIP phone system.  Previous vendors had been unable to offer a cost-effective solution to our client.

Given the seasonal nature of our client’s business, the situation was extremely time-sensitive when MTS received the call for assistance.  We assessed the situation, taking into account the existing architectural limitations as well as the security requirements, and technical challenges.


Like most clients, this one needed a reliable, secure, distributed networking solution.  Adding a level of complexity was the requirement that intra-site traffic be routed over the public internet AND that this intra-site traffic included non-public VOIP traffic internal to the clients’ digital PBX.  Our technical team formulated a multi-tier solution utilizing Dell’s SonicWall technology for security, routing of public internet traffic, routing of VPN traffic supporting the VOIP PBX functionality, AND WiFi at each outlying facility.  Thanks to our superior technical expertise in multiple network technologies (security, WAN, VOIP, managed switches, VLAN, VPN), we were able to solve the clients’ networking issues, while leaving much of their legacy infrastructure in place, saving tens of thousands of dollars.  Today our client benefits from a highly reliable, highly available, and secure network infrastructure, with a very manageable operating budget.

Excellent work by the team at MTS, supported by Dell’s superior network technologies! Montana Technical Solutions Dell Certified Partner Kalispell Montana

MTS Case Study – Dell SonicWall