MTS Infrastructure Safe After Attacks

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MTS Infrastructure Safe After Attacks

Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Development Computer SecurityRemember This?

This is a screen shot of a compromised website after WordPress websites were attached worldwide two months ago.  At that time we reported that no websites managed by MTS were compromised by the attacks.

These cyber attacks continue unabated, making the news regularly.  This past weekend’s headlines indicate that hundreds of locations worldwide were struck by crypto-attacks where data is encrypted and held for ransom.  Here’s how the extortionists break the news to their victims:

Montana Technical Solutions Safe From Cryptolocker AttacksThis is not an actual screenshot, but closely resembles those we have seen in the course of our duties.  It is no joke to be attacked in this way, because if the data in question has really been encrypted it will be essentially impossible to unencrypt, necessitating a restoration from the most recent set of backups.  MTS has helped several clients in this fashion.  Note that, in the absence of a secure, uninfected set of backups, data will be permanently lost.

MTS Clients So Far Safe

We are pleased to report our clients continue to be operational and not reporting any serious issues from the most recent round of crypto-attacks, thanks to greater vigilance as well as in-place measures.