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Welcome to Montana Technical Solutions’ Live Remote Support page!  If you need support now, give us a call at 406 755 3331 and we will get started.  Remote support rate is $65/hour.  Please NOTE: By Clicking on ‘Connect to Technician’ and entering the six-digit code provided by our Technician, you agree to allow MTS remote access to service your computer and agree to use our online eCommerce Portal for payment at the completion of your Remote Support Session.  Our Technician will provide amount due and payment instructions at the conclusion of your session. Thank you for using MTS Live Remote Support!


When you place your call to one of our technicians, we will begin the process of assisting you by arranging for a live support session – our technicians can help fix your computer right where you are, while you watch!

Our technician will set up the support session and then provide you with a 6 digit code.  Enter the code in the blank field below and then click on the ‘Connect to Technician’ button.  You will be prompted to allow the download to your computer and then again to allow the installation of the remote software.  When that is completed (in less than a minute!), our technician will begin to solve your problem – just sit back and watch.  Because you can both see your computer screen, and speak over the telephone at the same time, most problems are quickly resolved.

Extremely Cost Effective

Obviously, this is much quicker and therefore, much less expensive than onsite calls, or delivering your computer to the store for repair.  Live Remote Support from MTS, costs a small fraction of what you would usually expect to pay, and is so much more convenient.

So give us a call right away if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your PC.


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To initiate a remote session,
please call (406) 755-3331