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Is Your Website Doing All It Can For You?

Most people think of a website as public-facing only.  Visitors browse and interact for information and/or eCommerce, possibly entertainment.  Few think of the potential a website offers for back-end functionality.  At MTS, we believe this is a huge missed opportunity.  We are currently integrating our website and POS/inventory systems, solving numerous problems with existing infrastructure and with almost no extra cost beyond our own time to make everything work.   The cost of our website is already factored in.  All additional functionality is a bonus, and when you are able to solve other business problems, without a significant additional investment, the website ROI starts to look very, very good indeed.

Power to the Intranet

Naturally, most eCommerce websites support inventory management and other internal functions, but we ask why that should be limited to eCommerce enterprises?  When the software tools available for website eCommerce are so powerful, affordable, and ubiquitous, why not put them to work for your business, regardless of your size and enterprise type.  Talk to us today, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the power, ease of use, and affordability of back-end website software and the intranet infrastructure it can support.