New to MTS – Cloud Services.  Leverage our Cloud Services to protect your data, enhance your marketing efforts, and improve your IT operations, including domain-based email services.  We already offer remote technical support, through our Live Remote Support page.  Now we are adding even more and better cloud-based Services:

Data Preservation Services

Online intrusions and attacks, and data compromises are making the news almost daily.  Less newsworthy, but equally devastating, especially to small businesses is data loss and business operation interruption due to hardware failure.  The impact on small business is significant if steps are not taken to preserve your data.  HARDWARE WILL FAIL, so it is necessary to plan accordingly.  Montana Technical Solutions’ Data Preservation Services ensure that not only is your data safe, it is also quickly and easily restored – minimizing business disruption due to sudden hardware failure.  MTS is expert at enterprise-level data backup and restore services, where data must be restored in near-real time with no disruption in operations.  Now we bring that level of expertise to small businesses who do not require HA systems, but still need their data and applications running on a day to day basis.

Let MTS assist you in preserving your data and preparing a recovery plan for your business that minimizes the disruption and the cost when inevitable hardware failures occur.

Domain-based Email Services

Email is ubiquitous, but too many small businesses must settle for sub-par email performance and/or unacceptable data security and confidentiality trade-offs.  MTS offers small businesses safe, secure, confidential, and highly-available domain-based email services that any small business can afford.  Enjoy all these benefits while at the same time enhancing your brand identity by sending and receiving business emails to/from your business’s domain!  Contact us for more information about the benefits of MTS’ domain-based email services.

WordPress Web Site Development

Don’t concede control of your online presence to internet aggregators, or worse your competition, simply because you don’t know how easily and affordably you can take back control of your online presence through establishing your own website and related social media pages.  Let MTS help you get your online presence up and running.  Chances are you’ll be more than mildly surprised how affordable and effective our WordPress Websites are!