Sample websites: => => all automated site, minimal maintenance, good SEO and modest traffic.

Other sites:  realtors=> high level of functionality,  sensitive to hidden costs,

Hidden Site features => let MTS show you what your website can do for your business.  You would be surprised at the important business functions your website can perform for you:

POS, Inventory, invoicing, orders and order tracking, reporting, customer service (chat), SSO for google accounts,

What goes on behind the scenes of your website:

ownership and control

hidden costs associated with slick front-ends => bad SEO, loss of flexibility, costs to upgrade functionality, administrative costs to gain control of your IP (domain name)


security and confidentiality

updates and upgrades

site optimization, load speed and compatibility across platforms


available SSO

content repurposing => leverage social media and control costs, SM can be a big time suck,


calendar integration

mobile responsiveness, native mobile apps available click here