520 Dewey Ave
Eureka MT 59917 406 297 7709

Invoice Number INV-0012
Invoice Date August 16, 2017
Total Due $118.75
Bill Martin

514 Bestview Drive
Kalispell MT 59901
815 608 1700

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2.25 Labor

Onsite Service 8/2/17.

0.25 Travel
3.50 Labor

Onsite Service 9/6/2017
Install Printer on Bill's computer, .25
Reconfigure Outlook on Bill's computer to remove old email accounts, add new email account, and set new email account as default. .5
T/S and diagnose power supply failure on Kathy's computer, locate substitute power supply, restart system. .25
System and application updates interrupted due to power supply failure, so restore normal operation, uninstall/reinstall affected applications, and complete operating system and application updates for Windows, Office, and Apple software,. .75
Uninstall and reinstall office on Kathy's computer (existing Office installation is not activated), .5
T/S scan to email function, remove outlook configuration files, verify hardware settings on printer, remove obsolete email addresses, configure Windows 10 Mail software to new email address, add new email address to Outlook, .5
install and test scanner shortcut on Bill's computer, .25
run diagnostics on Kathy's computer to T/S poor performance, remove obsolete software on Kathy's computer,reboot and verify correct operation, .25
continue to T/S failed scan to email function. system continues to default to obsolete email account with Windows Security prompt. Referred to Bill Martin's security expert as we have not been authorized to alter or remove security-related applications and settings on this system. .25

0.25 Labor


1.00 Payment

Partial payment. Check #2130.

Sub Total $118.75
Tax $0.00
Total Due $118.75

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