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Invoice Number INV-0020
Invoice Date August 22, 2017
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Paul Brickman

3901 Foothill Road
Kalispell, MT 59901
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dba Soaring Eagle

Paul Brickman dba Soaring Eagle



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0.50 Dell Inspiron

Please T/S Inspiron please locate prior Office activation code from F: drive if possible.
Remove superfluous browser plugins. Verify compliance with Chase and Glacier Bank security policies. Investigate why Facebook doesn't work. Removed browser plugin and unnecessary software. Configure screen saver.

1.00 Office 2016 license

Prepay for Office 2016 license, installed onsite, will activate via remote support when we receive the key.
Office key: 6CN6Q-48QJD-3YGTD-4HBTV-GCQVC

1.00 Payment

Paid in full by VISA 8/24/17 Conf#721654

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