520 Dewey Ave
Eureka MT 59917 406 297 7709

Invoice Number INV-0022
Invoice Date August 26, 2017
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Tammy Foster

2100 4 Mile Drive
Kalispell MT 59901
406 260 2419

2 Toshiba Computers with power supplies and recovery disks.

Tammy's Model Satellite P775 - S7215 Windows 10, scan, backup computer data, from Users folder.  Supply necessary media flash drive or hard drive.  Username: Owner, password: Hu3ingB1rD1#!

Password for Harold's computer 4echAsu+e$us

Windows 8.1 computer

Harold C's computer Model S855-S5378, scan and install ESET.  Verify safe operational state, Password: VengSophosDroe2538201

MAC Addresses - L455-S5008, wifi: 70-1A-04-AC-7D-59, eth0: 70-5A-B6-6F-93-28

P775 usb wifi 74-DA-38-AE-F5-7F, eth0 B8-70-F4-5E-36-1C

Kindle:  wifi: F0-4F-7C-45-15-82








Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.50 Labor

Diagnose PC's and come with plan to secure and resolve.

2.00 ESET Nod 32

Keys for antivirus on two of their PCs



0.50 Data backup labor

Backup data from users folder of Tammy's computer to media

1.00 Hard Drive

Backup Plus Slim 1 TeraByte Hard Drive Bar Code UPC 763649052839

2.00 Windows 10 Pro Key



0.50 Rebuild and Restore backed up data on Windows 10 Machine

Installed hard drive in both Toshiba Laptops and installed windows 10 on Tammy's System and Restore Backup

1.00 Run scans and verified that systems are clean

Ran scans on windows 8.1 machine both hardware and software to verify no remaining issues.

0.50 Labor

Restore Back ups and verify clean systems on Harold's System

2.00 On Site Service Call

Went on sight to help them set up modem and router and use mac address filtering for all there devices.

1.00 EdiMax Wi-Fi Nano Usb Adapter

Eimax Networ people Together N150 Wi-Fi Nano Usb Adapter

0.50 Labor

Scan Android tablet

0.75 Labor

Windows 10 Pro x64 Installation on one computer, ESET installation and activation on one computer.

0.50 Labor

T/S wifi on Model P775. Internal wifi has failed, use USB wifi.

1.00 Payment by CC

Thank You

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Total Due $0.00

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