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Kalispell Website Design and Development – Content Considerations

Kalispell Website Design and Development – Content Considerations

The Process of Content Creation

As we move through the process of designing and developing our clients websites, there are common steps that get us from concept to finished and effective website.  Today, I am preparing a Montana Technical Solutions Website Design and Developmentprototype site for review by our client before we finalize and deploy it to the public internet.  As with the production of most professional media projects, there is a known and effective process for identifying, planning, creating, and deploying the content.  Each platform (website, audio, video, print) requires different preparatory steps, but the concept is the same:  plan from the beginning to design and acquire usable content that is as close to its final form as possible, through each stage of the process.

For websites, this means identifying the required artwork, images, graphics, fonts, colors, audio and/or video content, and copy as well as the means by which it will be acquired or created. Today’s digital content is differentiated from traditional media (radio, television, print, etc.) by its interactivity, meaning, that the content must be created and acquired, but also that during this process consideration must be given to the functionality of the site.

A Checklist for Your Site Content

This can be a complex process and, if it is not guided, can get expensive. At MTS, we begin our website projects with as much of this process already complete.  Because our web technology is current, we offer our clients the best and most comprehensive site functionality available, essentially ‘out of the box’.  We also direct the process of creating and acquiring the required content with a high degree of efficiency, using tools such as our comprehensive checklist of required assets.  This checklist, identifies up front, all of the required content for a given website, with specifications, and accurate estimates of associated cost, if our client does not already have the necessary assets.  This allows for a predictable and efficient website development process.

Kalispell Website Design and Development
Montana Technical Solutions

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Kalispell Website Design and Development Services

Kalispell Website Design and Development Services

Montana Technical Solutions Kalispell Website Design and DevelopmentWe are pleased and excited to announce the launch of Kalispell Website Design and Devlopment Services for our valued clients in Kalispell and throughout Montana!
Our websites offer a great combination of effectiveness and value. We have invested in the development of our own custom website theme which forms the basis of our clients’ sites. Take advantage of this valuable head start on your business site.


All of our custom websites come with a powerful set of built-in functions.  In upcoming posts we will highlight all of the functions and how we put them to work for you!

SEO and Social Media

A modern website from Montana Technical Solutions offers powerful SEO advantages for our clients, with an emphasis on local search results.  We don’t stop there – our websites are designed to interact powerfully with today’s social media platforms, even offering clients the ability to post to their website and have their posts forwarded automatically to their social media platform(s).  This is a powerful tool that allows your social media accounts to stay fresh  while at the same time maintaining your website’s visibility to search engines.

Low Maintenance

If the ongoing costs of website ownership and operation  are a concern, you’ll be pleased to know that MTS is committed to controlling your TCO (total cost of ownership).  Cheaper hosting plans exist, to be sure, but when you factor in everything that is included in our hosting services (backup, recovery, security, optimization, high total availability, portability, compatibility, etc.), you’ll not find a better value anywhere.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you leverage your website to improve your business!

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