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Website Intrusion Threat Averted – MTS Websites Secure

MTS Websites Secure.  Recently sensational news stories have been published describing widespread ‘hacks’ of WordPress-based websites world-wide.  Reports suggest that tens of thousands of sites have been compromised. Unfortunately, our preliminary review indicates the threat is credible and the third-party intrusions are verifiable.

In most cases, it appears the intruders have simply left a visible record of their having penetrated the site.  Search engine results seem to confirm the intruder(s) have updated numerous sites with their signature posting.

Fortunately, sites managed by MTS appear to have been safe from the hackers.  This would be expected, as our sites are securely hosted and we strive to implement best security practices, including prompt installation of software updates to all our websites.  In this case, WordPress core developers gave web developers and hosting companies one weeks’ grace before announcing the vulnerability publicly, which allowed us sufficient lead time to be prepared.

Naturally, we remain vigilant for threats such as these at all times, so that our clients have maximum assurance of the uninterrupted operations of their websites and IT infrastructure.